About Us

Corporate Identity

Since 1999, air-J has manufactured and sold Mobile Phone Accessories.
The name of the company symbolizes our policy:
Be Indispensable like AIR to Everyone
In the flow that mobiles keep changing our lifestyle greatly with the high performance,
we insist on challenging to create a new future in this field.

CEO Yasuyuki Uchida

代表取締役 内田康之

Company Profile

Company Name air-J CO., LTD.
CEO Yasuyuki Uchida
Registered Address Air-J Bldg, 2-24-8 FUJIMIDAI,KUNITACHI-SHI, TOKYO, JAPAN
Industry Mobile & PC Accessories
Year of Establishment 1999
Capital 10,000,000yen = US$131350 at Feb. 2012
Number of Employees 32
Bankers The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJRESONA BANK
Key Customers Yamada Denki, Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Don Quijote Co.,Ltd. (Japan)
Nojima Co.,Ltd. (Japan)
Willcom Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Sentra Int. Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Rustex (Russia)
E-Mail overseas_sales@air-j.co.jp
Tel +81-422-39-3380
Fax +81-422-39-3370